2019 February 23 - Version 2.5

  • Notifications in site - for new episodes of following shows. (Beta)
  • Now watchlist will be called follow.
  • Countdown of the next episode of the tvshow. (Beta)
  • Tv shows now displays the number of followers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where marking episodes as seen where adding random shows into the watchlist.

New Features Coming Soon

  • Be able to change profile picture.
  • Movies section.

2019 February 10 - Version 2.4

  • Now you can mark episodes as seen (check seasons and episodes list).
  • New a to z list (BETA)
  • Buttom for previous and next episode added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed login expired time

2019 January 21 - Version 2.3

  • User system (BETA)
  • Watchlist & Watched list (BETA)
  • Countdown of the next episode of the tvshow (Removed.)

2019 January 18 - Version 2.2

  • Now you can receive a notification in your email every time a new episode of your favorite show comes out, do not forget to subscribe (BETA).
  • Comments Section (BETA.)
  • Countdown of the next episode of the tvshow (Removed.)
  • New site design, based on Googles Material Design

2019 January 10 - Version 2.1

We are working very hard to bring you all the content and Tv schedule again.

New Features Coming Soon

  • Movies Section
  • Tracking System (Episodes)
  • Lists functionality allowing users to create lists of movies, tv shows, people and more
  • New "Browse" page for browsing all available movies and tv series based on filters
  • Roles and permissions system for giving users access to different functionality on the site


  • Browse page genres can now be specified from settings page.
  • Show more titles per row in title grids on tablet and small laptops.
  • Pages should load 40% to 60% faster

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where title plot would get cut off sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue with "movie description" seo tag sometimes not properly displaying
  • Fixed an issue where only single season would appear on title page sometimes.
  • Corrected some display issues with mobile search bar.
Hello I hope you are well, user registration is open again, enjoy and stay safe !!